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Ken Bell Accounting | From Classroom to Bookkeeping Practice

It’s Global Bookkeeping Week, so we’ve asked bookkeepers from around the world for their industry insight and view on the future of the industry. Ken Bell, who founded Ken Bell Accounting, tells us his story, from classroom to bookkeeping practice. Where did it all begin for you? Not where it does for most bookkeepers. Despite… [Read the full article »]


Celebrate Global Bookkeeping Week!

Celebrating Global Bookkeeping Week is a timely reminder to reflect on the significant impact “number crunchers” have on New Zealand small businesses. Bookkeeping is one of the world’s oldest professions, dating back to the days when the financials were kept in order with barter and manual systems. I’m talking about as far back as the… [Read the full article »]


Countdown to Xerocon Austin

Bourbon, BBQ and bats – an unusual combination, but these are just some of the things that make Austin the quirky, cultural mecca it is. The eccentricity of the city is just one of the many reasons we’ve made Austin the site of this year’s Xerocon US. We’re counting down the days until our accounting,… [Read the full article »]


The Fred Hollows Foundation | Celebrating 25 years of an innovative vision that’s changing the world

A quarter of a century is a significant milestone and The Fred Hollows Foundation has certainly made its mark on the world. They’ve trained thousands of people to be eye nurses, doctors and surgeons, built social enterprises and quite literally given countless people a new lens through which to live their life. We spoke to… [Read the full article »]


Most kiwis don’t plan for selling their business. Here’s why you should.

Data from Statistics New Zealand has revealed that almost 20 percent of all small business owners in New Zealand are planning to retire in the next 10 to 12 years. Yet despite the significant proportion of small business owners planning to retire, most of them don’t have a plan for selling their business. When small… [Read the full article »]


Bookkeeping with a bit of Moxie: This firm shares how they set themselves apart

In celebration of Global Bookkeeping Week, we invited bookkeepers from across our global network to share their view on the importance of bookkeepers and some of the pain points of the industry. With tattoos, piercings and multicolored hair adorning their advisors, Moxie Bookkeeping in New York defies bookkeeper stereotypes. Tracy Stanfield, the company’s Business Manager… [Read the full article »]


Making Xero HQ your new practice experience

We’re committed to providing you with the best tools to manage your clients so for the past twelve months we have been enhancing Xero HQ. It is the first and last place to visit everyday to get real-time visibility and insights across all of your clients, timely alerts about their most urgent needs, and the… [Read the full article »]


How to break through your own business barriers

John Knight is managing director of businessDEPOT, a marketplace of business specialists working together to help SMEs reach their goals. An accountant by trade, John shares some shortcuts to help business owners stay on the right side of their numbers, and get out in front, faster. As accountants and bookkeepers, we see more than just… [Read the full article »]


Global Bookkeeping Week | Ontrack for a bright future

In celebration of Global Bookkeeping Week, we invited bookkeepers from across our global network to share their view on the future of the industry. We asked Di Crawford-Errington managing director of New Zealand bookkeeping firm Ontrack Bookkeeping to share her enterprising journey and her view of what the future is going to look like for… [Read the full article »]


Frictionless Finance – Investing in Stock

By iwoca, the Xero Connected App for small business credit In this second part of our three-part blog series, we explain how accountants can use iwoca’s Xero app to help clients invest in stock to grow their business. In part one of this blog series, we saw that many Xero accountants have started to offer… [Read the full article »]

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