Celebrating National Volunteer Week: Liptember

To celebrate all the people who volunteer their time to help across the country, we spoke to some of the not-for-profit organisations around Australia who rely on volunteers to make a world of difference.

Lastly, we speak to Luke from Liptember, a not-for-profit aimed at tackling women’s mental health by fundraising through the sale of lipsticks each September,

Why was Liptember started?

Liptember was founded in 2010 to support women’s mental health projects by encouraging women to purchase and wear our official lipsticks. One in three women will suffer from anxiety and one in five women in Australia will experience depression in their lifetime so we thought it was important to bring some awareness to the issue. ?We now fund numerous national research, programs, and services across the country and last year we raised $1.8 million during September.

Why are volunteers vital for Liptember?

We have one full-time employee, which is me, so we rely on a lot of people to provide in-kind support and volunteer their time to help us deliver the campaign. Currently, we only have a small number of volunteers, as our major partner, Chemist Warehouse, provides us with staff to help with anything from administration to marketing activations.

How would more volunteers help your cause?

If we had a regular base of volunteers, it would allow us to achieve things we simply can’t at the moment due to a lack of hands on deck. We’d run more event-based activations around the country which would allow us to connect with more women and further raise awareness for women’s mental health.

Who is your most memorable volunteer?

Our most valuable volunteer would be one of our top fundraisers, Kellie Cleland. She has supported us from day one and has always been available to support the campaign from sharing her story in a video to running events across Queensland.

Why are volunteers vital for Liptember?

Liptember strives to keep administration and campaign costs to a minimum, to allow us to donate as much of the funds we raise as possible. Volunteers allow us to keep this unique set-up and making the strongest impact via our outcomes as possible.

If you’d like to support Liptember you can sign up here. For more information on how Xero supports volunteers and not-for-profits, check out the Xero for non-profits web page.

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