Management reports – ready, set, go! Payables and Receivables now in Report Templates

We’ve extended our ever-popular Report Templates – they now include payables and receivables reports. This means you can start adding these reports to the monthly management accounts you prepare for your clients.

Package together professional-looking management reports with just a few clicks

With our Report Templates you can easily create professional-looking sets of management accounts complete with title page, contents page and your firm’s logo. Once you’ve set up a management report template you can apply it to as many clients as you want – that’s what makes report templates so effortless.


Add management reports to your clients’ monthly tax service

Are you already providing monthly GST, VAT or sales tax returns for your clients? If so, it’s easy to add value to this service – with just a few extra clicks you can create management reports. Once you’ve prepared your clients’ monthly returns you know their accounts are up-to-date and accurate. This means there’s no extra reconciliation needed to produce reports such as accounts receivable. And of course, with Xero, there’s no need to transfer data into another system to create reports. Even if you’re not producing annual compliance accounts through Xero, you can still use Xero for monthly management reporting.

Use management reports as a basis for business advisory discussions with your clients

Instead of just sending your clients their management reports – take the opportunity to meet with your clients and use the reports as the basis for discussion. Advise on any red flags surfaced in the reports such as old debtors or a high creditors figure. It’s important to meet your clients regularly if you want to build a trusted advisory service with them.

How to create a monthly management report template

Here’s how to create a report template. Once you’ve created your template, go into a client’s Xero account and you’ll see it under Reports > All reports > Adviser.

1. In My Xero, click Reports.

2. Click New Template.

3. Give your template a name such as Monthly Management Reports.

4. Add the reports you want. You might like to include these:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and Loss
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Aged Payables
  • Aged Receivables

Adjust the date range to Last Month

6. Click Ready to Use.

You’re done – easy!  Now use your template for as many clients as you’d like.

For a full set of Report Template instructions including how to customise them for your practice, go to Xero Help Centre:

Report templates in Partner Edition


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