There’s something for your whole team at Xerocon San Diego

We’re weeks away from hosting Xerocon San Diego. We got in touch with some of our accounting and bookkeeping partners to talk about Xerocon and what value they receive from attending year after year.

This post was authored by Allison Hawkins, partner at Hawkins & Co. Accounting and National Xero Ambassador.

Four years ago on a whim, I decided to attend Xerocon in Denver. Little did I know that it would be the turning point for our entire practice. We had been using Xero and other cloud accounting applications with clients for over a year or so, but were struggling with how to scale things.

Our intention with using Xero was to enable a different type of relationship with clients where we were much more integrated into their business. We envisioned regular conversations with clients about day to day challenges, setting KPI’s and holding them accountable in addition to proactive tax planning. Xerocon would provide a roadmap to make that happen and help me forge connections that would support me on my journey.

I recently started bringing a staff member with me to Xerocon. It’s been fantastic to see the event through their eyes and also have their support to bring knowledge back to our firm to implement.

There really is something for your whole team to benefit from at Xerocon, and here are some examples of what they’ll take away from the event.

Become a go-to Xero resource for your firm

At Xerocon, you’ll hear from the Xero team about new features and what’s coming ahead in the roadmap. It’s extremely helpful getting the opportunity to talk to other practitioners about how you’re going to utilize those in your practice. It helps having another staff member with you because when another person gets it, it becomes so much easier to take knowledge back and implement across your client base.

Build relationships with your Xero team

Bringing staff from your practice, across all levels of your business, is the best way to make sure your firm is ready to tackle the changes hitting the accounting industry. Your entire team will get the opportunity to build relationships with Xero and the meet the people you work with year round. This is especially important since team members are responsible for different roles within your firm. Your Xero team is there to help your firm achieve success so they’ll be able to understand the challenges each team member faces and will be well prepared to support you and work collaboratively in the year ahead.

Get up to speed through Xero sessions

Xerocon’s education tracks and sessions provide value to all members of your team. By taking advantage of some of the targeted sessions at Xerocon where other partners will share their stories of their journeys with Xero, your team will get inspired by ways you can offer more value to your clients. And this year, Xerocon San Diego will feature Day Xero on Monday, June 17 before the conference begins. It’s a great way for your team to expand your knowledge of Xero and round out your Xerocon experience.

If you’re even considering attending a conference or session this year about cloud accounting in general make it Xerocon — yes you’ll hear lots about the product, but you will have an opportunity to meet a broad range of vendors from the cloud accounting space and get a better understanding of the opportunity for you and your practice in the cloud.

Sign up today to register your whole team for Xerocon San Diego.

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