Xero Roadshow Australia 2019: Your digital domino effect

In just two weeks’ time, Xero Roadshow Australia 2019 will travel to 20 locations across the country. Kicking off in Darwin and Townsville on the 5th of February, the Xero team will deliver a series of talks that share the latest advice, demonstrations, data and announcements from across Xero’s product, events and community.

As we do, we’ll discuss the digital domino effect taking place around us – those seemingly isolated changes that come together to create an unstoppable chain of events, taking us all toward increasingly digital and connected ways of working.

We see this snowball-style of change in action at a national level with legislative changes such as two-step authentication (2SA) and Single Touch Payroll (STP). We see it at a platform level, as new connections create powerfully integrated digital experiences. And, just as importantly, we see it at a practice and community level too.

That’s where you come in.

Little actions have large consequences and each minute you save has a flow-on effect. The challenge that advisors and business owners face is learning new ways to harness these outcomes while simultaneously running a business. It’s no mean feat – but change won’t go away. Improvements will continue to roll through and those who learn the more efficient and effective ways faster, will have the advantage.

You get to control whether that advantage belongs to you or the firm across the street. So while we explore the latest tools, stories, stats and services at your disposal, I encourage you to consider how they might link together to create a digital domino effect that only you can own.

Got questions or ideas? Our app partners will be back this year to share their updates and answer your queries. There will also be dedicated Xero stands where you can discuss all-things Single Touch Payroll, practice tools, Xero Business and more.

If you haven’t checked out the agenda yet, here is a snapshot of what our event will cover. Places go quickly. Register your free place at the Xero Roadshow Australia 2019 website today. 

The Australian economy and the digital domino effect

As the government replatforms to support modern business, the Australian economy is seeing a digital domino effect of change. This session will talk you through the shift, explore how you as advisors can take advantage of these digital efficiencies, and how Xero is here to help.  

Paying employees in a digital economy

Payroll obligations have always sat at the centre of growing business, but the arrival of Single Touch Payroll is driving a new digital focus. This session explores your opportunities with STP and highlights the other upcoming Xero features and announcements that will modernise payroll processes for partners and small business alike.

Go with the flow of the digital data journey

The beauty of digital solutions are found in their end-to-end ease, which is why Xero is with you from the point of transaction to lodgement to the ATO. This bumper session will follow one single bill on its digital journey through the Xero suite of products – demonstrating new features that make the journey even more efficient and practical outputs that add value to your service.

Beyond Xero: transforming your firm utilising practice apps

Where the Xero features stop, the beauty of our ecosystem begins – bringing an extended feature set to any accountant and bookkeeper on the Xero platform. Discover recommended app stacks, hear directly from best-in-class app partners, and learn how you can use the power of the ecosystem to turbocharge your practice. 

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