Xerocon Brisbane 2019: Set to prove that accounting and bookkeeping are far from boring

If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or in the business of supporting small business, it’s time to forget everything you know about corporate conventions. Because Xerocon, the largest accounting technology conference in all of Australasia, is back. And there’s nothing else like it.

Proof that the world of finance and numbers needn’t be boring, this year’s future-forward program is all about inspiring a new generation of industry leaders and pioneering a new era of cloud solutions. And with 15 high-energy hours of content to soak up and over 3,000 people to network and connect with, Xerocon promises to be nothing short of career-changing.

Learn from trail-blazing industry leaders, listen to insightful world-class speakers – from an award-winning journalist to a clinical hypnotherapist, get expert insight into new and innovative ways to run and grow your practice, meet a suite of over 50 app partners, and learn get best practice direct from those who are leading the way.

But don’t just take it from us. We sat down with senior supervisor at Melbourne’s AS Partners and repeat attendee Daniel Dowse to ask him about why he keeps on coming back to Xerocon. Here’s what he told us.

How many Xerocon events have you been to, and what was your most memorable session?

I’ve been to five Xerocons, and counting. Two of the ultimate highlights for me took place in Brisbane last year. First, was Xero founder Rod Drury coming onstage to a soundtrack of Rage Against the Machine. Rod’s always really interesting to listen to and incredibly inspiring; needless to say, he’s also very entertaining. Then it was London bombing survivor Gill Hicks. Her message that you have to get up and keep on moving regardless of whatever life throws your way was so empowering. Because, quite frankly, work rarely ever goes to plan.

What is it that makes you keep coming back for more?

The energy. You always come back from Xerocon with so much fresh energy and a renewed passion for what you do and why you do it. 

Do you have any tips for first-timers to Xerocon?

My tips are super simple: wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated. With so much to see and so many people to talk to, you’ll rarely stay still!

How does Xerocon add value to your firm?

It keeps us up to date with what is an incredibly fast-moving industry. It’s one thing to scroll through the Xero app marketplace online, but to actually have the chance to chat with everyone face to face and find out what they’re all about makes a huge difference. As a result, you can discover the solutions to your clients’ problems first-hand. I also really appreciate the sessions that are geared more towards work-life balance. Basically, you can tailor the sessions you attend to what you want to achieve.

How has attending Xerocon changed the course of your career?

The huge amount of people and knowledge that Xerocon has exposed me to has definitely changed my career for the better. You’re always chatting to someone – whether it’s a Xero staff member, speaker, fellow accountant or bookkeeper, or someone else. From discussing how others would handle a certain situation to group problem shooting, the networking and opportunities for growth are like nothing else. Even though, in theory, some of these people are your competitors, everyone’s just there to learn and help each other out.

At the Brisbane Convention Centre on 4 to 5 September, Xerocon 2019 is fast approaching. Register and secure your place now.

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