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LinkedIn Tips for Social Media day

In honor of Social Media Day 2017 I’m sharing 8 easy steps to optimize your LinkedIn profile for maximized success. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for professionals. It’s a place to highlight your skills, connect with other colleagues and network. But in order to get the most out of this popular social network, you have… [Read the full article »]


Profile: Caterina Atkinson, Instagram Expert

Caterina studied Digital Design for three years at AUT, graduating in December 2016. She specialised in live action camera work and VFX. Initially Catarina worked at Xero as an intern as part of work experience required for the third year of her degree. Now she is full time at Xero working in digital marketing. Beautiful and meaningful Assigned… [Read the full article »]


Update your assets in bulk Australia

Feeling Frustrated? You’re using Xero’s pooling solution, but don’t like the prospect of editing assets one by one? Here’s some good news! We’ve launched the Bulk Update tool. At Xero we strive to present solutions that are not only beautiful but are also efficient. If you have several assets which have to be edited, it’s inefficient and painful to… [Read the full article »]


Reconciled bookkeeping: Why we’re taking our whole firm to Xerocon Melbourne 2017

Xerocon Melbourne 2017 is fast approaching, early-bird tickets are soon to end, and the pre-event buzz is building. But what’s the big deal and why is it so unique? And what value do other accountants and bookkeepers see in the opportunity? We spoke to Steve Warwick, CA, and Janet Collard, CPA, from Brisbane-based bookkeeping firm… [Read the full article »]


Introducing Multiple Refund Transfers for NZ Tax

We’ve made a number of enhancements to the way we handle refund transfers on tax returns. There’s now much more flexibility. Plus, these changes will save you time and reduce the chance of sending an incorrect tax reminder. 1 – Transfer refunds to as many places as you want Our 2017 tax returns have a… [Read the full article »]


Xerocon Melbourne 2017: Why last year’s attendees will be joining us again

With less than three months to go till our next Xerocon in Melbourne, we chatted to some of last year’s attendees from Asia to find out what they took away from the last event, and what they’re looking forward to at this year’s Xerocon in Melbourne. Xerocon Melbourne will take place on 13 and 14… [Read the full article »]


Secret life of bookkeepers | Jules Hardie: a fitness fanatic who lives on a tropical island

Anyone who thinks bookkeeping is boring needs to meet Jules Hardie. With a shock of blonde hair, bright green eyes, and infectious energy, she’s a world away from the typical stereotype of a bean-counter. She lives and works from her home office on Bribie Island in Queensland. She is passionate about keeping her clients’ finances as… [Read the full article »]


Head-to-toe in Xero: Doing things differently at Xerocon Melbourne

With Xerocon Melbourne fast approaching, the opportunity to grab an earlybird discount will soon pass you by. And if you’re thinking, ‘I’ve already been to an accounting conference before’, think again. From live DJ sets to dresses made from money, things are done differently at Xerocon – as Sally Hams, the managing director of Xero silver partner firm, Balance… [Read the full article »]


Keeping you and your business safe online

At Xero, the security of our customers and partners is of utmost importance to us, and something we take very seriously. We have a dedicated team of IT security experts on the hunt for any patterns of malicious activity across our systems. Therefore we can notify our users immediately if there are any problems. location of… [Read the full article »]


How to prove your business idea can work

So you’ve got an awesome idea – congratulations! The next step is finding out whether it’s an idea that will work, whether there is demand, and whether you should take the next steps to making it a reality. In short, it’s time to validate your business idea. My idea is amazing – why validate it?… [Read the full article »]

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