What is labour productivity and how does it impact your business?

If you or your clients are looking for ways to grow profits, drop prices or pay staff more, then one strategy is to lift productivity in your business. But what is productivity exactly (hint: it’s not about working longer hours), and how can you lift it in your small business or practice? What is small… [Read the full article »]


Looking for fresh ideas in your business? Why not try a hackathon?

As nearly a thousand of our employees around the globe down tools this week for one of our twice-yearly hackathons, I’ve been reflecting on the purpose and benefits of this practice. Hackathons have been a fixture in the tech world for decades. But today the concept is widely utilised in fields as diverse as businesses,… [Read the full article »]


Make the most out of your Xerocon London trip

It’s with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the winner of Xero Australia’s Xerocon London partner competition. One lucky partner and a guest of their choosing will be treated to flights and accommodation to London and tickets to attend this year’s Xerocon London on 12 – 13 June. So, the moment of truth. The… [Read the full article »]


Five ways to work smarter in Xero this FY25

With the new financial year officially upon us, now is your chance at a fresh start. This means it’s time to revisit goals, set intentions, and level up in order to make the most of the next 12 months. A good place to start? By optimising your systems and processes to create more seamless workflows… [Read the full article »]


Empowering women’s football through Coach Education Scholarships

To further support women’s football worldwide, FIFA has provided 14 Coach Education Scholarships for aspiring female coaches in Aotearoa New Zealand. The scholarships were backed by Xero as part of its global women’s football partnership with FIFA, and ongoing commitment to support the growth of the game and uplift the wahine involved. The 14 female… [Read the full article »]


Xero invoicing: how we’re building a smarter, more flexible future

We recently announced that we’ll be retiring the older version of our invoicing product — classic invoicing — on 2 September 2024. We know you have plenty of questions and concerns about this change, so we thought we’d share an update on what’s happening behind the scenes. The good news: our teams are busy building… [Read the full article »]


To franchise or not to franchise: What should a business consider before taking the leap?

Dive into the world of franchising in this Q&A with Lime Licensing’s CEO, Andy Cheetham, as he shares his expertise, insights, and advice for businesses looking to franchise.  How can a business determine if its model is suitable for franchising?  Franchising is all about replication. If your current business can create a clone of itself… [Read the full article »]


We’re paying back time with new changes in Xero Payroll

If you’re running a small business that employs staff, you know the administrative ‘to-do’ list can be quite lengthy. Onboarding, managing timesheets, setting wages, processing payroll, preparing for end of financial year… it can all take up valuable time. Pay runs in particular need to be easy and efficient for you, as well as your… [Read the full article »]


How Xero can support you with Basis Period Reform

In Xero we’ve improved how you adjust your financial year-end settings. To see the latest changes check out this article – setting up your organisation’s financial settings.   The start date for Basis Period Reform is fast approaching. From April 2024, your sole trader and partnership clients will need to follow a tax year basis for… [Read the full article »]


Summer Series reflections: making the most of XSBI in your practice

Recently, small businesses have had to navigate some pretty significant headwinds in the macroeconomic environment. Persistent inflation has led to rising interest rates, flowing through to slowing economic growth. The unemployment rate is still low, which is great news… except if you’re a small business looking for staff. Yes, these issues are all featured widely… [Read the full article »]

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