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Diversity and Inclusion in Tech – how can we do better

Not long after the tragic and violent mosque attacks in Christchurch on 15 March 2019, I received an email from Neil Hamilton, CEO of Canterbury Tech and our local cheerleader for all things tech. He wanted greater participation in Christchurch for Tech Week, a series of events taking place nationwide.   Talking to people in the… [Read the full article »]


Paving the path forward for Canadian open banking

The concept of open banking is rapidly gaining traction around the world and is poised to reshape the financial landscape in Canada. Open banking refers to the use of application programming interfaces (APIs), which are available from a bank for third-party software providers to securely access features and data from that particular bank on behalf… [Read the full article »]


Celebrating Pride Across the Americas

Across offices globally, Xero takes pride in celebrating all employees with diverse backgrounds and cultures by ensuring the inclusion of all groups. At Xero, inclusion means all employees have a sense of belonging and fairness, feel valued and respected, and can play their part in creating business success.  This past month, the Xero team marched… [Read the full article »]


Wellbeing is a collective responsibility

The conversation around mental health and wellbeing has become a nationwide topic of discussion – and about time too. New Zealand has been vastly under resourced when considering mental health and wellbeing support so the Wellbeing Budget 2019 investment into strengthening and improving frontline services is a welcome one. This will provide additional support for… [Read the full article »]


The big ideas shared at Xerocon San Diego 2019

Last week at Xerocon San Diego, we welcomed inspiring guest keynote speakers to the stage who delivered unique messages about being bold, innovative, and dreaming big. We’ve compiled some of the highlights of our favorite moments from their keynotes. Adapting to innovation Shawn Kanungo has been recognized nationally and globally for his work in the… [Read the full article »]


How app partners can make the most of Xero’s new app marketplace

Xero’s sleek redesign of our app marketplace makes it easier than ever for advisors and small businesses to discover and choose the apps they need to optimise how their business runs. These updates put the power in the hands of our app partners, enabling them to control what Xero customers see to win them over.… [Read the full article »]


Xero’s Pledge to Partners

Advances in technology are rewriting the rules for how business is done across all industries and how companies like Xero serve its customers. As the accounting industry navigates through disruption, I strongly believe there is a way to strike a balance between adopting new innovations and maintaining a human focus. At Xero, our company mission… [Read the full article »]


How Xero Tax is making compliance a breeze (part 3)

In this series, we interview Xero partners trialing Xero Tax. In part one we interviewed Bryan Stevens of Interbiz Ltd and for part two, we had Toby Woodhead from Armstrong Watson in the hot seat. Xero Tax simplifies the process of tax filing and financial reporting in the UK for Xero partners, connecting Xero directly… [Read the full article »]


Xero’s beautiful business just got bigger in Asia!

Xero Asia has come a long way, from our humble beginnings in a co-working space with five employees just 3 years ago, to the present day 35-strong team that is growing rapidly into our new home at China Square Central in Singapore. Walking into the new Xero Singapore office is akin to stepping into one’s… [Read the full article »]


Streamline Workpapers with Xero report codes

You can now import Xero report codes with a trial balance in Workpapers Save time and stop double handling with this new Workpapers release: now, you can use the report codes that you’ve already set up in your client’s Xero account when importing a trial balance. Any changes you’ve made to a client’s chart of… [Read the full article »]

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