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Square: Synchronised sales and payments

Xero connects with over 1,000 apps that help small businesses and their advisors succeed, with most available in the Xero App Store. Each month we celebrate an app partner who stands out for helping small businesses thrive. Find out more about becoming a Xero app partner here. It’s October, and we’re stoked to share Xero’s… [Read the full article »]


Latest product news – November 2021

I’m excited to kick off this month with a number of new releases that help us provide you with a custom suite of reports to help you get answers fast. We’ve also introduced new features in invoicing and employee expenses. Let’s take a look. If you’re a Xero partner, don’t forget to register for our… [Read the full article »]


Supporting our customers through bank feeds issues

We want to update you about some recent issues with bank feeds. Xero has experienced a higher than normal volume of cases in recent months with many customers experiencing issues with their bank feeds. Thank you to all the customers who have taken the time to raise a case and flag the issues they are… [Read the full article »]


Small business owners: Don’t wait to prepare for the holiday season

The holiday season is normally one of the busiest times of year for small business owners in the retail space and this year will prove no different. In fact, due to continued supply chain challenges like bad weather, container shortages, product shortages and continued port closures due to the pandemic, business owners all over the… [Read the full article »]


September XSBI data portrays a turbulent month for small business

For many small businesses, navigating the pandemic has probably felt like turbulence during a flight – you never know when it’s going to hit, or how long it’s going to last for. The Xero Small Business Insights (XSBI) data for September shows the myriad of factors influencing small businesses at the moment, and the ongoing… [Read the full article »]


Xero Talks: We’ll be on the road somewhere near you very soon

After what has been such a tough 18 months with continuous lockdowns and restrictions, we’ve really missed having the opportunity to connect with our communities in person. Hosting digital events like our Xero Remote Show was great, but it’s never the same as catching up in person. That’s why I’m really excited that many of… [Read the full article »]


How to take control of your mindset during difficult times

The small business journey is not easy, and it’s not perfect. There are good days and bad days that every small business owner experiences along the way. The past 18 months have really tested the mindset of those in small business, and those that support them every day.  Learning to shift our mindset can be… [Read the full article »]


Tips to making the most out of Xero Roadshow Asia 2021

We’re only a few weeks away from our first-ever virtual roadshow for our accounting and bookkeeping partners across Asia. Are you ready for a day full of learning, connecting and most of all, fun? While you’re more than likely to have participated in a virtual event in the last 18 months, no two virtual events… [Read the full article »]


How advisors can better manage boundaries

Regardless of where they are in Australia, accountants and bookkeepers are feeling the strain. From extended lockdowns to prolonged uncertainty, the pressure is on advisors, many of whom are small business owners themselves, to guide clients through to the other side. And as we begin to navigate reopening, this need for support will likely deepen. … [Read the full article »]


Xero serves US CrossFit community as preferred accounting platform

We’re excited to share that Xero has joined CrossFit’s Affiliate Partner Network (APN) and will serve the CrossFit community as a preferred accounting platform for affiliates across the United States.  This new collaboration means over 5,000 U.S. CrossFit affiliate owners can access financial insights from the Xero platform along with resources to help strengthen their… [Read the full article »]

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