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Generative AI: considerations for small businesses

The Xero Responsible Data Use Advisory Council recently held its seventh meeting, with a focus on the extraordinary developments in the field of generative AI, and the myriad potential applications for small business.  The council is made up of myself, Laura Jackson of Popcorn Shed (business owner), Maribel Lopez of Lopez Research (technology analyst), Wyndi… [Read the full article »]


Oh what a night! 2023 Xero Awards UK & Ireland

The annual Xero Awards is a particularly special night for us at Xero. It’s a chance for us to show our appreciation and admiration to the many incredible accounting, bookkeeping, and app partners in our community.  This year’s awards evening, which took place at Ministry Venues, Elephant & Castle, showcased the achievements of the “rockstars”… [Read the full article »]


What impacts small business owner wellbeing?

The driving force for many small business owners when choosing to start their own businesses is to improve their lifestyle, but how does small business owner wellbeing actually fare? That’s what we set out to find out in our new report released today: The global state of small business owner wellbeing.  Wellbeing gets a lot… [Read the full article »]


Six reasons to come and visit us at Accountex 2023

It’s nearly time for Accountex 2023, and we’re excited to see many of you across the two days. This is our tenth year exhibiting at Accountex, and the buzz of the event and opportunity to connect in person never gets old.  It’s been a tough year for many of you across the accounting and bookkeeping… [Read the full article »]


How apps can make it simple to take climate action in your business

More and more businesses are focusing on sustainability, and for good reason. Not only do many small business owners personally feel it’s important to play a role in protecting the environment, doing so is proven to have a positive impact on their bottom line.  We understand that taking the first steps toward sustainability in your… [Read the full article »]


How this plasterer laid the foundations for a booming construction business

Since he was young, Johnno Green has had a penchant for construction. So one day when a guest speaker at his high school came looking for apprentice plasterers, he knew he’d found his break.  Johnno cut his teeth working on residential builds before the Global Financial Crisis hit the housing market (and his employers), forcing… [Read the full article »]


What the future could bring for e-invoicing

When we look at a technology that has massive future potential, while already sitting firmly in the here and now, it’s hard to go past e-invoicing. The ability to send and receive invoices directly between accounting systems (and eliminate the need for manual, error-prone PDFs sent via email) offers some very exciting benefits. E-invoicing is… [Read the full article »]


10 useful apps to help Kiwi small businesses kick off FY24

With FY24 officially upon us, now is the perfect time for small business owners to take stock, and look at what tools you can leverage to become more efficient and effective in the new year. All so you can spend more time doing what matters most.  This is where the Xero App Store comes into… [Read the full article »]


A sneak peek into what’s next for reports in Xero

Our team hit the ground running in 2023, introducing a number of exciting features to new reports that we know you’ve been waiting for — including the addition of foreign currency to new reports. Here are some of the highlights and a sneak peek into what’s coming next. Don’t forget, the older versions of our… [Read the full article »]


How small businesses can use the power of embedded finance

It wasn’t that long ago that you needed to take out a credit card and enter the number every time you wanted to pay for something online. Today, you can instantly complete purchases in a few clicks, like Amazon’s ‘buy now’ express button. This is an early example of embedded finance — one of the… [Read the full article »]

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