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Xero invoicing: how we’re building a smarter, more flexible future

We recently announced that we’ll be retiring the older version of our invoicing product — classic invoicing — on 2 September 2024. We know you have plenty of questions and concerns about this change, so we thought we’d share an update on what’s happening behind the scenes. The good news: our teams are busy building… [Read the full article »]


To franchise or not to franchise: What should a business consider before taking the leap?

Dive into the world of franchising in this Q&A with Lime Licensing’s CEO, Andy Cheetham, as he shares his expertise, insights, and advice for businesses looking to franchise.  How can a business determine if its model is suitable for franchising?  Franchising is all about replication. If your current business can create a clone of itself… [Read the full article »]


We’re paying back time with new changes in Xero Payroll

If you’re running a small business that employs staff, you know the administrative ‘to-do’ list can be quite lengthy. Onboarding, managing timesheets, setting wages, processing payroll, preparing for end of financial year… it can all take up valuable time. Pay runs in particular need to be easy and efficient for you, as well as your… [Read the full article »]


How Xero can support you with Basis Period Reform

In Xero we’ve improved how you adjust your financial year-end settings. To see the latest changes check out this article – setting up your organisation’s financial settings.   The start date for Basis Period Reform is fast approaching. From April 2024, your sole trader and partnership clients will need to follow a tax year basis for… [Read the full article »]


Summer Series reflections: making the most of XSBI in your practice

Recently, small businesses have had to navigate some pretty significant headwinds in the macroeconomic environment. Persistent inflation has led to rising interest rates, flowing through to slowing economic growth. The unemployment rate is still low, which is great news… except if you’re a small business looking for staff. Yes, these issues are all featured widely… [Read the full article »]


Your 10-step checklist for end of financial year in 2024

We know end of financial year is a busy time, so we’ve prepared a quick 10-step checklist to help you cover your bases at the end of FY24 and start the new financial year off strong.  If you’re using Xero, you can find more helpful information in our handy guide for getting ready for financial… [Read the full article »]


UK mobile app, Xero Go, to be retired

Over a year ago, we launched an early version of Xero Go to see how a purpose built app could help cater for the entry-level accounting needs of the self-employed in the UK. We have spent the last year testing and refining Xero Go and after completing a careful review to understand the future of… [Read the full article »]


Four steps to a seamless payroll year end with Xero Payroll

As the summer days become a memory, it signals the onset of a crucial period for payroll professionals in New Zealand. With the approaching new tax year on 1 April 2024, regulatory changes are set to impact payroll calculations across the country. Staying informed and getting prepared is essential.  In this article, we delve into… [Read the full article »]


International Women’s Day: Celebrating small business founders and leaders

The UN theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) this year is ‘Invest in women: Accelerate progress’. The lack of investment in gender equality measures is seen to be a human rights issue by the UN, and a cornerstone for building inclusive societies. Climate change, geopolitical conflicts and the current economic system exacerbate inequality and disproportionately… [Read the full article »]


How to build a tech stack that powers your practice

For millions of practices, managing clients in cloud-based software has become part of the daily routine. But the array of different software and apps available can feel overwhelming. Because of this, not every practice uses their software to its full potential. In our latest webinar, we explored how you can integrate Xero Practice Manager with… [Read the full article »]

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