We’re paying back time with new changes in Xero Payroll

If you’re running a small business that employs staff, you know the administrative ‘to-do’ list can be quite lengthy. Onboarding, managing timesheets, setting wages, processing payroll, preparing for end of financial year… it can all take up valuable time. Pay runs in particular need to be easy and efficient for you, as well as your accountant and bookkeeper. 

We’ve been listening to your feedback about Xero Payroll and excited to share some great new enhancements in the UK, marking the beginning of more improvements to come. These will automate processes and reduce the risk of manual calculation errors, so you can stress less about payroll compliance and get more time back to do what matters most: running your business.

You can now switch to Xero Payroll in a few easy steps

Our new payroll switching wizard is designed for small businesses and advisors that love Xero and want to start using Xero Payroll. We know migrating payroll data from one software system to another can be really complex and time-consuming (and there’s no room for error), so we’ve made it as easy as possible.

Simply upload your latest government filing (full payment submission) into the payroll switching wizard and Xero will automatically transition your payroll records into Xero, guiding you step-by-step through the process. In a few steps, you’ll be set up in Xero Payroll and ready to go.

Tailor your employee working patterns and reduce manual workarounds

In the world of flexible working, the idea of working traditional hours from Monday to Friday is becoming more and more uncommon. That’s why we’ve created new employee working patterns templates. 

If you’re a Xero Payroll Admin, you can now enter more information about your employees’ contracted working patterns. This is especially useful for annual salaried employees who are working non-traditional hours (for example, a four-day work week). 

Payroll Admins can easily create templates, as well as set multiple weeks for salaried employees who work different hours each week. To set up a new template, navigate to the ‘Working Patterns’ tab within Payroll settings.

This was ranked as the second most requested feature in Xero Product Ideas for UK Payroll, so we’re pretty excited to roll this out.

More guidance to set up employee pensions

We’ve also released a number of other updates to help you confidently manage your accounting and payroll in the one place. These include an improved pensions setup experience, with more built-in guidance and interactive steps that only display the relevant details to each employee’s record.

We’ve also simplified how you manage your auto enrolment obligations with increased flexibility to edit and update fields. There’ll be more updates to come, but in the meantime if you’d like to know more about any of these enhancements, don’t forget to register for one of our Xero Payroll webinars.

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