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We’re making changes to some fields in our practice tools

From early November 2022, we’ll be updating some fields in Xero Practice Manager (XPM) and Xero HQ. This is all part of our work to provide you with a more unified client record in the future, so you can enjoy a seamless connection between our practice tools.  What’s changing in XPM and Xero HQ Over… [Read the full article »]


Latest product news — November 2022

Over the past month, we’ve made updates to support the transition to Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 in Australia, improvements to eInvoicing, changes to multi-factor authentication, and more. Read on for more details about these and other product updates in Xero. New features Enjoy more beautiful reports — Global We’ve made a number of enhancements… [Read the full article »]


How PreviewMe is changing the hiring game for job seekers and businesses

When job hunting, how do you summarise yourself in a single page? Your experience, from school to jobs to hobbies. Your personality, the way you’d fit into a team. Same goes for businesses – how do you neatly compose a job listing that tells a potential hire exactly what makes you so special?  This is… [Read the full article »]


How document packs helps this UK advisor stay ahead of the curve

In our One Step research, we found that small business owners who adopt new technologies enjoy on average 106% higher productivity than those who fall behind the tech adoption curve. It’s something that Andy Housley of Square 1 Accounting in the UK can personally attest to.  Here, Andy shares why he’s passionate about staying up… [Read the full article »]


XSBI data shows global trend in small business sales

Small businesses have survived – and continue to face – a myriad of challenges from a global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and now impacts of inflation and the rising cost of living. I am constantly impressed by the resilience and adaptability of small businesses as they navigate new challenges and identify opportunities.  Through our latest… [Read the full article »]


EOG Accounting ties business goals to positive impact to embrace the beauty of giving

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day clamour of our working lives. Targets, KPIs, deadlines – these are the things that keep many people awake at night, and often distract from the bigger picture. Which is to try to do some good on this planet before we leave it.  The team at EOG Accounting,… [Read the full article »]


What you can expect from this year’s Xero Singapore Roadshow

With just two weeks to go ’til Xero Singapore Roadshow, we are buzzing with all that we have in-store for our accounting and bookkeeping community. Here are some things you can expect. Benchmark your practice Opening the day, Managing Director of Xero Asia, Koren Wines will unveil some topline findings from our annual Singapore State… [Read the full article »]


Everything to know (and do) for the final stage of Xero’s STP Phase 2 roll out

By now, you’re likely familiar with Xero’s approach to getting your payroll data ready for Single Touch Payroll Phase 2. This will see your business build on its existing STP reporting to share more information with the ATO and other government agencies each time you process a pay run. And the good news is, we’re… [Read the full article »]


Transforming small businesses’ financial health starts with a human touch

The stress of running a small business is a feeling that accountant Stuart Hurst is familiar with. Growing up, he watched his father suffer from the pressures of being in control of the family business’s finances, having no support to help him make sense of them. The devastating impact resulted in the business failing and… [Read the full article »]


How Vinod Shah & Co is embracing cloud accounting to reach their paperless goal

Accounting has been revolutionised many times over with the emergence of new technology. From calculators to Excel spreadsheets, accountants wouldn’t have gotten far if they weren’t willing to adapt for the good of their practices and their clients.  For Ravi Shah, partner at Vinod Shah & Co, change is being embraced in a practice that… [Read the full article »]

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