Datamolino + Xero HQ: Automate your bookkeeping with AI transaction coding

Datamolino automates your bookkeeping. It captures data from invoices and receipts and learns how you code your purchase transactions. This eliminates manual data entry and repetitive bookkeeping tasks, and creates more time for the work that matters.

We’ve asked Andrej Glezl, CEO and co-founder of Datamolino, to tell us a bit about the app, and Datamolino’s brand-new Xero HQ integration.

A bit about Datamolino

“Xerocon London 2017 was our fourth Xerocon,” Andrej Glezl says. “We have attended as exhibitors twice in London and once in Brisbane so far. Datamolino first integrated with Xero in December 2014.”

In February 2015 we launched Datamolino for Xero at our first ever Xerocon (as platinum sponsors, no less). Since then we have learned a lot about the needs of bookkeepers and accountants using Xero and keep trying to improve the product based on their advice. This has been great for us. We have built many personal relationships with our clients. The Xero app ecosystem is unique in this regard, and motivates us to grow. Our aim is to be the heavy-duty tool for bookkeeping automation, whenever a firm needs to process a lot of documents, they think of Datamolino.

Dislike manual data entry? There’s an app for that

Nobody likes manual data entry. Datamolino solves this. Nobody likes repetitive bookkeeping tasks. We solve this by automating the coding of recurring transactions. With Datamolino, you can automate most of your invoice coding and really focus only on the transactions that deserve your attention. Datamolino is best suited for large accounting and bookkeeping firms, but it can also serve a regular business.

Data capture and bookkeeping automation is at the core of what we do. With the rise of electronic invoicing, even more automation will be possible in the future. Being a part of Xero HQ helps us do our job better and keep the bookkeepers and accountants notified if their intervention is necessary.

Get started today

We think Xero HQ should be the first screen an advisor opens each morning. Having Datamolino as part of the activity feed in HQ helps to keep the bookkeeping up to date. And you can do all sorts of magic if your data is up to date. Helping clients with reporting, forecasting, getting a loan, you name it – after all, that is what cloud accounting is all about! It allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of a company to measure and improve company performance.

It’s really easy to get to get started with Datamolino if you’re a Xero partner. If you’re already using Datamolino and Xero, simply go to your account settings, scroll to the Xero HQ integration box and follow the steps on your screen. Please note that you must be have “practice administrator” privileges in Xero HQ to initiate the connection.

Once the integration is set up, you can expect notifications in your Xero HQ feed to notify you when an action is required. To find out more, visit Datamolino on the Xero App Marketplace.

If you aren’t already using Datamolino, give it – and our Xero HQ integration – a go! We’d love to have you on board. Just head to www.datamolino.com/xero and click on “Try it for free”. There is also a chat where we can answer any questions that you have.

Got any feedback? We’d love to have your comments below.

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