How Tanda went from solving one business’ workforce challenges to thousands around the globe

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Our app partner of the month for September goes to Tanda

Tanda is an online workforce success platform that helps businesses manage rostering, timesheets, payroll and employee onboarding.

Started by four university friends, Tanda was initially created to manage staffing headaches at the not-for-profit the team were running at their university, spanning hospitality, retail and administration. After realising its potential to help other business, in a just short few years Tanda has expanded from Australia, into the UK, US and Europe and grown to employ over 140 staff.

We spoke with Co-founder, Tasmin Trezise about how the Tanda team has helped thousands of global businesses streamline their staffing operations, while forging their own success story.

How Tanda came to fruition

“When we took over running the university organisation it had over 100 casual staff and we were managing everything with paper and excel. Rostering was all over the place, there were problems with payroll and the business was losing 800k a year,” Tasmin said.

Eager to get off paper-based systems for workforce management and rostering, the team went in search of a software solution, but nothing on the market was the right fit for their workforce. And being a non-profit, they didn’t want to waste any student money. So they built the software they needed themselves. And the results have been huge. The business finished the year with a 200k surplus – a turn around of one million dollars from the previous year.

“Our initial goal was to make it easier to employ and pay staff. But one of the biggest benefits from implementing our software was a more engaged and productive workforce. Staff were happier because they were getting paid correctly, on-time, and timesheets were faster. That’s when we realised the impact our software could have for other businesses too,” Tasmin said.

From solving one business’ challenges to global expansion

Since, Tanda has grown from 0 to 140 staff on the payroll over a four year period with no external funding. It’s also expanded into the UK, US and Europe.

“Internally, we are committed to making our people as successful and productive as possible. We see that as our responsibility and first and foremost, our staff are our number one customer. While our software is constantly changing, this ethos in our business, which we coined as ‘workforce success’,  stays concrete and has been a big part of our success. It’s also what we’re helping our customers achieve by using our software,” Tasmin said.

It’s a strategy that’s paying off, with LinkedIn recently naming Tanda in the top 25 most attractive startups to work for in Australia.

Streamlining workforce management with the right tools

“When you start using the right processes, it’s possible to achieve so much more in a business. One of the quickest ways to annoy an employee is to pay them late or incorrectly. Companies need the right systems in place to get this right, and recent wage scandals in Australia highlight just how important this is. Our software helps companies ensure they are being compliant and paying staff accurately. But it’s about more than that. It’s about increasing employee engagement and productivity as well,” Tasmin said.

At Xerocon Brisbane this month, Tanda released an exciting new feature, to make staffing decisions even easier. Live wage tracker is an industry first that allows employers to know exactly how much they are spending on wages in real-time, without waiting to the end of a payroll period. The information is all award costed, with compliance and penalty rates factored in.

“Labour is the most expensive, but usually the highest producing and most valuable asset that a business has. So the ability to see this live can be game changing for customers. It makes under and over staffing a thing of the past, so businesses can make better staffing decisions,” Tasmin said.

Benefits of partnering with Xero

Through connecting with Xero, Tanda has been able to reach more customers with their solution and provide even greater benefits.

“Being part of the Xero ecosystem has been huge for us. It makes so much sense for people to use Xero and Tanda together and has allowed us to offer a bigger and better solution to our customers. Through our partnership with Xero and access to a wealth of other apps, we’re enabling businesses to succeed at a faster pace and creating more efficient ways for them to run their businesses,” Tasmin said.

So where to next for Tanda?

“We’re working on some pretty exciting product developments, building on our existing artificial intelligence tools to assist in workforce planning. For example, looking at how rosters can be built and analysed with machine learning, factoring in things like foot traffic, sales, demand.

“We’ve spent the last few years focused on building a leading workforce technology solution. So now our focus is also on making more people aware of Tanda and how it can help their business streamline workforce management and make better staffing decisions, for a more productive workforce,” Tasmin concluded.

Find out how an integration with Tanda and Xero can help you get the most out of your workforce here.

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