Xero wins IAB Digital Marketing Award

There are many ways to get your message across to an audience and one of the most authentic ways is to connect on a platform and about a subject that is meaningful to their needs.

Xero recently won an award for Best Use of Native Content at the IAB Digital Awards. This award was a series of online articles we commissioned to tell the story of the cloud and the journey of onboarding onto our platform. The IAB Awards aim to recognise excellence in digital advertising.

Here are my top tips for leveraging digital marketing in your business:

  1. Know your audience. Knowing as much as you can about your audience is the best foundation for successful digital marketing activity. Understanding their age, gender, region, likes, dislikes, what platform they use the most will allow you to be targeted in your approach. This means you aren’t wasting money on clicks or views for people who aren’t in your target market. Build out a picture of your target audience and use this for targeting. Most platforms now days have excellent targeting you can take advantage of.
  2. Know your platforms. Getting the most bang for your digital buck comes down to how you use your digital tools. Is Facebook advertising right for your business? Or are you better to invest that money in Google Search? Research has shown us 90% of people in NZ are willing to buy online for services and products but only 20% of small businesses in New Zealand have a website, maybe using tools like Squarespace or WordPress are the first points of call. Do some investigation on a tool that you feel comfortable with and can help you sell your business. Facebook Live, groups and lead generation forms are some of the recent releases from the social networ to help businesses grow. Leverage the analytics in the back end of your business, this will help you further get to know your business.
  3. Content content content. You can get all of the above right but if you aren’t creating content that appeals to your target audience they will not listen. Think about who your target market is and what’s important to them. By capturing their attention and appealing to their needs will open them up consideration. This will allow you to speak to them about your business and how your product or service may be applicable to them.

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